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Mirrorcoat Sticker (Non Waterproof) 

Mirrorcoat sticker is the most popular sticker among entrepreneurs.This sticker is cheap and high quality for temporary use.

Sticker detail is :

  • High quality printing.
  • Full color printing.
  • Sticker include cutting.
  • Non water resistance.
  • Strong glue.
  • Flexible size
  • Cheap.
  • White & glossy surface.
  • Paper based and torn when peeled.
  50pcs 100pcs 200pcs 300pcs 500pcs 700pcs 1000pcs
3cm - RM10 RM14 RM21 RM28 RM36 RM48
4cm RM10 RM14 RM21 RM28 RM42 RM60 RM78
5cm RM14 RM21 RM35 RM42 RM66 RM90 RM126
6cm RM14 RM21 RM36 RM54 RM90 RM120 RM174
7cm RM21 RM35 RM54 RM78 RM126 RM180 RM210
8cm RM28 RM42 RM84 RM120 RM170 RM235 RM335
9cm RM28 RM42 RM84 RM120 RM170 RM235 RM335
10cm RM35 RM54 RM102 RM150 RM210 RM295 RM420

*Additional RM5 for custom shape other than standard cutting shape.
*Lamination matte/gloss can be add for water resistance (extra charge).

Waterproof Sticker
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